Travel Tips When Travelling Our Nation's Top 5 Parks

Ron Miraflores - Copper River Bag Co on 22nd Oct 2022

The United States has 58 national parks. That’s a lot of parks to choose from when you’re planning for a family vacation or road trip this summer. The most popular national park in the country is … read more

How To Pack For The Perfect Camping Trip

John Anthony Law for Copper River Bag Company on 17th Oct 2022

Spring has sprung! I look outside and see all the trees along the creek starting to bloom. I remember that wonderful smell. This has been one long winter cooped up indoors. One thing I know for mos … read more

10 Things That Makes Copper River Bag Co. Unique

Holly Williford on 16th Oct 2022

Invest in luxury product is investing in a business. You are putting your money where your mouth is when it comes to what you expect in value. Such a responsibility should not be taken lightly, but … read more

At the End Of the Trail with Roscoe

Cassidy Peterson (Guest Blogger) for Copper River Bag Company on 10th Oct 2022

My poor baby dog Roscoe has been suffering lately. I've only been able to take him on short walks to the end of the road this week because I've been sick. In between work and sleep (thanks to Nyqui … read more

How to Choose the Perfect Bag

John Anthony Law for Copper RIver Bag Company on 3rd Oct 2022

I don’t know about you guys, but the process of choosing a new bag can sometimes be a daunting task. I want it to be absolutely perfect. It has to match not only my style, but my height, weight … read more