Bag Accessories


Life is all about building upon firm foundation. After purchasing a Copper Rivers Bag you have the item needed for a durable and stylish starting point and that alone is good enough. The majority of us like excelling beyond the basics by continuing to add onto the solid foundations. All of these accessories contribute to building up the quality of the bag to enhance your experience with the item.


A high priority for anyone who owns a leather product should be maintain, or perhaps restore, the item at its top quality. That is why we offer Cleaning & Conditioning kits that keep leather products strong and radiant. Leather is a special product, so it need attentive care.


The other set of items we offer are leather shoulder straps that come with pads or without. The strap of the bag in a way carries the most weight, and it is vital that it is made of strong material. Incidentally since the strap holds the most weight, it also puts a lot of weight on your shoulder so a little extra cushioning can do wonders for your shoulder.


When we invest in high quality products like Copper River Bags, we want all the bells and whistles that can take the experience to the next level. Our team has released this set of products specifically for customers who want the full out luxury experience, and we hope that you enjoy the specialty products.


Image by starline on Freepik