Expedited Services

Since our bags are handcrafted with great care by our artisans, it takes time for your bag or accessory to be created. Not only do we have to make sure that only the finest leather is used to make your item, but it also needs to be customized to all the needs of your order. As a result the standard processing time for a bag is around seven to twenty one days, depending on the order and your location. With the expedited services we can prioritize your order to get it to you sometimes between five and ten business days.

We at Copper River Bags get that sometimes due to extenuating circumstances you either want or need your item as soon as possible. Whether you need the item as a gift, for a trip or you just want it right away, we decided to create speeding up the order a possibility for a small extra fee.

Just because fact we speed up the order does not mean that we sacrifice the promised Copper River Bags quality. What we do is re-sort the list of orders in such a way to make sure the item gets through in a more timely manner. The same amount of time, effort and hard work is put into your product, it just cuts in line. At the Copper River Bags family we are willing to work together to make all parties happy!

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