Travels, school, hiking, about town- backpacks can easily tag along with us on so many of lives greatest adventures, so it is important to have on that is up to the task. At Copper River Bags we offer a variety of backpacks that make the perfect companions to carry along wherever life may take you. When you are amidst life’s journey you need a quality bag that you never have to worry about, and that is where we come in at Copper River Bags.


At our workshops in the United States our bags are sewn together by talented artisan with the top notch materials out there. Whether it is leather or fabric, the material is made to last for a long time with optimal water-resistance. The thread is mildew and mold resistant, so that what holds the bag together will stay intact as well. To top it all of each bag is designed with optimal comfort and convenience in mind providing things like padded shoulder straps, wide open main compartments and easy-to-open zippers.


When you purchase a Copper River Bags you can rest assured with the guarantee that from start to finish we’ve closely monitored the curation of the bag. From picking out the materials carefully to putting them together, we are intimately in the creation of each and every bag. The passion we put behind our bags is one we want to share with the world, and we hope that you get a chance to enjoy one of our bags in your life.


Searching for genuine leather backpacks? Look no further than us.  

We provide an exclusive collection of luxury leather backpacks for multiple purposes. Suitable for both men and women, these leather backpacks are available in rich colors and multiple sizes. Check out our prices online to place an order. Our chic leather backpack collection won’t disappoint you.


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