17" XLarge Laptop Bags



The journey of your customized X-Large – 17” Laptop Bag began long before you ever you made your order when our team of designers grouped together to create the best features and design for XLarge Laptop bags. The multiple designs, styles and features are the result of careful planning of experts in the business of making bags to store and haul important technology. We created a bag that would do more than just hold a large laptop securely, it also offers all the durability and style that you’d find in Copper River Bags.


Next, when you place your customized order, the specifications our sent to our workshop in the United States. Our team of artisans handcrafts the bag using the top notch material out there, including, full hide leather, solid brass hardware and marine grade thread. Extra steps are taken to add security to the bag including a three snap closure and double stitch paddle handles. Every piece of the bag passes through experts who care about the quality that is delivered to you.


 After a short wait, the bag arrives fresh at your door with the permeating new leather smell. Once the laptop is in your hand you are guaranteed that it will last for 100 years by our company and website. When you make a purchase from Copper River Bags, it is about more than just buying a bag, it is investing in an heirloom that is created with passion, integrity and style.


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