14" Medium Briefcases



Having a briefcase to match the sharp look of a professional style is key to projecting an image of success. We get that fashion in the business world is more than just looking good, it is about making you feel and look confident to ease the path to success. With that in mind, our designers created our briefcases with the features, quality and look for the working professional who is moving their way up the career ladder.


First off, the Medium Briefcase offers a plethora of options for storage, so that you can carry around all the items you need day to day as a working professional. There is a spacious main compartment that will fit a tremendous amount of paperwork, files or whatever else you may need. Two inside cargo pockets, two outside cell phone pockets and a rear magazine pocket allow you to easily organize the briefcase.


The quality on the exterior is truly what sets Copper River Bags briefcases apart. The leather is hand inspected for the top notch of the toughest part of the hide, also known as full grain leather. In addition, our hardware is nickel plated and made of solid brass, and the bags are sewn together with marine grade thread. Basically, when you buy one of our bags you can expect it to be around for a very long time due to the quality of materials and the design, and we even offer a 100 year guarantee with our briefcases. Come join the Copper River Bags family by making a purchase of a briefcase that you will not regret.


Image by starline on Freepik