DLux Shoulder Pads


Comfort, style and durability. The DLUX Shoulder Pads are all about taking the luxury of a bag to the next level by adding an exceptional feature. Once you first use a DLUX Shoulder Pad, you’ll wonder how you lived without one for all these years. It’ll be a product that you may be making multiple purchases of, because you’ll want to fit all your bags with this cozy amenity.


The composition of the strap is of our signature 100% full grain leather, and for those of you who don’t know, full grain leather is the toughest leather in the hide. This means when you purchase a Copper River Bags product, that you are getting the strongest material that the leather industry can make. In addition to the leather, we use unique shearing wool that is water resistant, soft and durable. Most importantly, it provides unbelievably comfortable cushioning for your shoulder. All of this is put together by marine grade UV resistant thread that is designed to last through the degradation of elements and time.


All of the materials are put by the skilled hands of our craftsmen in workshops in the United States. Each product passes through hands of people who take pride in the work they generate. When you invest in a product like the DLUX Shoulder Pads, you are doing more than just buying a luxurious product. You buying into the idea that quality and integrity should be of the upmost importance when companies create items for consumers. Come join us in our dream by making a purchase here at Copper River Bags today.


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