10" Vintage Satchel Bags



- Classic - Rugged - Sophistication -

 Portable technology is a wonderful innovation that’s been integrated into our everyday lives, but the mobility of these delicate devices requires a little extra protection. We can’t simply haul around the tablet the way we would a notebook. That doesn’t mean we should resign ourselves back to a pen and paper world, but rather that we need to update the way we think about carrying around tablets. Copper River Bags offers an old fashioned leather product for the new technology to unite the best of both worlds in a way which both benefit.


The Vintage Satchel Bags are designed specifically for the purpose of carrying around a tablet in a way that is secure and stylish, so that the user can fully enjoy their tablet. The water resistant leather is made with the toughest of full grain leather which is the toughest of the hide. Each bag is sewn together with marine grade thread that’ll hold the bag together firmly. To top it all off, the bag is secured with solid brass hardware with a nickel finish. Every piece of material that goes into this bag has been carefully planned out by the artisans and designers at our workshops in the United States, so that we fully know that we can make a 100 year guarantee on these bags without a sweat. Come invest in the promise of quality and durability with Copper River Bags, so that we continue to build a legacy where quality always trumps quantity.


Image by starline on Freepik