When you choose a Copper Rivers Brief Case, you are selecting a product where professionalism meets style, quality meets fashion and durability meets luxury. To us a brief case isn’t just a bag, but it is part of a professional’s everyday presentation of themselves as an employees. We understand that when you buy something for work, it isn’t just about the practical use, but it is also about making you look sharp in front of bosses, clients, co-workers and more. In the professional world appearances account for a lot of the job, so it is important that you get a brief case that represents the pride you take in your work.


Our brief cases go beyond aesthetic, they also are made to function at maximum to accommodate the working profession. Our designers spent a great deal of time creating a brief case that has the features that a working professional would need. The spacious inside of the bag will fit everything from your laptop to legal files to your cell phone.


Beyond function and aesthetic, our bags are also of extremely high quality. Each brief case is comprised of the finest full-grain leather, marine grade thread and solid brass hardware. Everything is handcrafted and handpicked resulting in a product that lasts throughout the years. When you invest in one of our bags, you know that’ll be around until your retire and beyond.


Make heads turn with our stylish leather briefcases. We have a comprehensive stock of high quality leather briefcases for sale.

Contemporary and functional, these leather briefcases are available in various sizes and colors. Suitable for business meetings, our leather briefcases are manufactured with soft leather and have a smooth texture. Check out our diverse collection online and buy leather briefcases while you’re at it.

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