15" Large Briefcases



Part of being a working professional is more than just the work you do, it is also about the image that you project. Confidence, taste and savvy are all things you want to capture with your carefully selected look. By adding a Large – Briefcase 15” you have an accessory that will let anyone who sees it know that you mean business with the durable and classy style of the leather bag. It’ll give you the boost you need to continue your climb up the long ladder of your career.


Beyond just looking good, the bag provides an extensive amount of room and features that’ll make going about your daily business just a tad bit easier. Inside the spacious bag you can fit a 15” laptop along with files and other documents. There are also interior cargo pockets, two outside cell phone pockets and a rear magazine pocket to help organize all the smaller items that you may have floating around in your brief case.


The exterior of the bag also provides the luxury and practicality that anyone could want out of a briefcase. The leather is 100% full grain and ages beautifully, so that with each passing year the bag will become and more attractive. The nickel plated solid brass hardware is solid and attractive. It is all held together by military grade thread that ensures the strength of every stitch. Without 100 year guarantee this briefcase will last the length of your career and longer, so with each passing year you get to enjoy the reward of investing in a top of the line leather briefcase from Copper River Bags.


Image by starline on Freepik