Personalized Initials

When one invests in a product from Copper River Bags, they are doing more than just purchasing a bag or small accessory. They are buying a high quality product that you can enjoy for an extensive amount of time since the make of our products is built for longevity. Since you’ll be carrying your new item from Copper River Bags around for a long time, there is a natural desire to put your mark on it.

With our personalization services you can put your mark or someone else’s as a signature. Small little touches like adding initials, numbers, codes or what have you onto an item really makes it feel like your own. Also, if you are giving the item as a gift, it adds a nice little touch that shows you were thinking about the person when you made the purchase.

With our personalization services you can choose any combination of five letters or numbers to put that stamp on your Copper River Bags product. We’ll do the rest of the work by branding a strip of leather with the personalization then applying it to whatever item you may have requested. In addition to adding a stylish touch, personalization also gives you a good way to find an item in airports, lost and found or anywhere else. This added sense of security and comfort is something that we like to provide, and we were excited when we were able to add this service for our customers. At Copper River Bags, we’re all about providing customers what they want in a top notch fashion, so that they can enjoy their fine leather product for many years to come.


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