5"x8" Notepads


The written word represents where our actions and thoughts meet on paper to help us outline the interior of our inner workings. Whether you are writing poems, books, drawings, journals or to-do lists, having a luxurious medium to do that fosters the experience into a higher level. At Copper River Bags we wanted to create a place where customers could nourish their thoughts and ideas in a unique notebook. The result is the selection of notebooks that you see before you in a variety of styles and colors to match the preferences and needs of each individual customer.

Each of our notebooks is filled with 100 pages of lined or unlined paper that is perfect drawing and writing, so that the user can pick their poison. It is intact into the notebook with solid brass hardware with a shiny nickel finish. Inside the notebook you can experience the soft and durable touch of the pig skin lining. On the exterior is our signature full grain oiltan leather.

As artisans ourselves, we understand the value a notebook can have to creative individuals out there. That is why we create a special design team to plan out the designs and specifications of our notebooks. Each of the notebooks is made in our special workshops in the United States where works are passionate about products like these notepads that go out to our loyal customers. Give one of our notebooks a try if you want a high quality product curated specifically to the needs of artists, writers, visionaries and the rest of us regular people too.

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Image by starline on Freepik