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An elegant style with a timeless leather twist, Copper River Bags clutch purses are an unforgettable addition to any wardrobe. Grab it and go for a night out on the town, date night, going to work or any occasion you see fit. The clutch provides an adaptable touch to any outfit that you can wear at any time or place. Great for ladies who like easy to carry and maintain bags that will last them a lifetime.


Although it is small, the leather cutch purses provide ample space. The main compartment is wide open, so that you can squeeze all those little must-haves in there from makeup to car keys. Carrying just the essentials can take some adjusting for women who are used to having everything with them in a purse, but soon you’ll feel surprised how easy it is to go minimalistic when you are out and about time with your leather clutch purse.


The purses are made with 100% full grain Italian leather that is selected from the toughest spot in cow hides. Each and every piece is closely examined for blemishes to ensure that the clutches are made with only the finest of the leather from the hide. As the leather patinas throughout the years, it becomes more attractive and pliable. With each passing year of owning this leather clutch you’ll love it more and more. With the 100 year guarantee from Copper River Bags, you’ll also be able to pass this purse down as an heirloom for the next generation to enjoy.


Take your style to the next level with a stylish clutch purse. We offer a vast range of Italian leather clutch purses.

Light and comfortable, these trendy clutches are perfect for all ages. Made of robust leather, our clutches are resistant to harsh elements. Choose a leather clutch that best meets your aesthetic taste.


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