5 Things That Leather Products Say About Your Character

5 Things That Leather Products Say About Your Character

Posted by Holly Williford on 2nd Nov 2022

When acquiring a product from Copper River Bag Co., you are doing more than purchasing just another leather bag. You’re investing in projecting an image that speaks highly of your character. Like all fashion, high quality leather products say a good deal about who you are in many ways.

When you invest in leather products like the Dublin Leather Backpack, it speaks worlds about you. The luxurious texture and cut of this fine backpack will serve you for a lifetime if you allow it. The backpack is handmade in our workshops in the United States with the highest attention to detail. That is why we guarantee the Dublin Backpack and all our other leather bags will last 100 years.

Back to the topic at hand, here are 5 things that Copper River Bag Co. products say about the people who are using them:

1.You Care About Value
In the world of Copper River Bag Co., quality always trumps quantity. Often in a world that is fast paced we’ve lost the true understanding of value. It isn’t just about how little you pay for a product, but it is how much you get out of that product for what you pay. Copper River Bag Co. products may cost a little more than the average bag, but they also are paired with a 100 year guarantee. We think the up-front cost is worth it to save you time and energy.

2.You Have Exceptional Taste
When someone sees you with a Copper River Bag Co. even if they do not know the world renowned brand name, they can recognize the quality cut, the high grade leather and the luxurious style. If you are looking to leave a lasting impression, purchasing a Copper River Bag Co. is a great way to do just that.

3.You Mean Business
Every piece of Copper River Bag Co. bags and other products can be used in a professional setting. The polished look of the products just makes them fit perfectly into the business world, so you can bring your Copper River Bag Co. product to work whenever it strikes your fancy.

4.You are Organized
On top of offering a great quality, Copper River Bag Co. offers all of the features one needs to stay organized. We put a lot of thought into the design and features of our bag, so on top of looking good that actually come in quite handy for organization.

5.You Care About Worker’s Rights

All of the Copper River Bag Co. products and bags are made in the United States. This means you can know your product is made by expert artisans working in safe conditions for fair wages. At Copper River Bag Co. we consider the people who make the bags and other leather products an integral part of our team, and we hope you appreciate the hard work they put into making your products.

Sometimes fashion is more than just fashion. It is all about creating an image of yourself that you can be proud of projecting to the world.  

Image by starline on Freepik