Repair Policy and Instructions


 If during the 100 year warranty of your bag you encounter a problem with materials or workmanship please contact us immediately.


1 - Send us an e-mail indicating the problem and make sure to specify the order number or name of the original purchaser that you received the gift from.

2 - Please email attached pictures showing detailed area of concern.*

3 - Copper River Bags will evaluate if it would be better (considering customer convenience and shipping fees) for the customer to have qualified local leather or shoe shop repair the item. All repairs taken care of in this matter will immediately be reimbursed to the customer with proper repair documentation from the repair shop.

4 - If the item needs to be sent in, mail to: Copper River Bags LLC, Attn: Repairs, 403 Chestnut st, Corbin CA 40701

5 - Please allow 2-6 weeks upon receipt of leather goods to be repaired and returned

(*normal wear and tear6 is not covered)

6- We do not offer refunds only store credit (these are hand made items and can not be resold)

7- information on refunds please visit our refund policy 



Prior to returning any item: 

Contact us by


Return all items to: 

Copper River Bag LLC 

Attn: Returns or Exchange or Repair

403 Chestnut st, Corbin CA 40701


Damaged Items: 

If you receive a damaged item, please contact our Customer Service immediately (within 48 hours of delivery or after opening). Please supply us with the following: 

  • Original order number 
  • Short description of issue
  • Email a photo of the issue to:
  • Email copy of your original purchase order


If there is extensive damage to the box, refuse the order and contact our Customer Service immediately.