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Passport Wallets


When you travel the world, how do you want to represent yourself? Most people would use works like professional, stylish, practical and sophisticated for the image they would like to project. The first thing you show when traveling to another country is your passport, so in a way this is the first impression that determines the course of your stay. With Copper Rivers Bags’ Passport Wallet, the first step you take into a country leaves a strong impression.


With the design of our Passport Wallet, we wanted to ensure that it would stand up to unique needs of international travel. We field tested it with customers who have traveled around the world for pleasure, work and other duties. It seems the unanimous answer is that the Passport Wallet offers the durability and style, and with the type of leather used to create the wallet, it only enhances in appearance as you beat it up.


The Passport Wallet is made with the same high standards of quality that the rest of Copper River Bags products are made with. The 100% full grain leather is created with meticulous attention to every part of the process. Once the leather is curated, it is handcrafted in our workshops in the United States with the staff, who are the backbone of our company. The result is a stand out product that goes above and beyond what one expects from a standard leather product. Join our family at Copper River Bags by investing in a Passport Wallet that’ll make you feel luxuriant where ever you may travel.