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Lincoln Briefcase Review Part 1 Video By: Perry L.


 Lincoln Briefcase Review Part 2 Video By: Perry L.

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Rimini Duffle Bag Review Part 2 Video By: Perry L.

Rimini Duffle Bag Review Part 3 Video By: Perry L.

 Review By: David B Haffey

Two things I forgot to mention: 
1. Value: this bag with the leather strap sells for under $250.00 This bag is meant to be used and worn. 
Other bags may have a bit more padding but for well over $400.00 and you're going to baby that bag and not "use" it. 
2. I would love to see Copper River make a single 18/19" non-adjustable strap to server as a secondary handle when the bag isn't buckled. I'm always concerned someone is going to move the bag and it's not going to be buckled and I'm going to have a few dollars worth of lenses on the ground... 
2. Naz Forge (not NOZ ) makes a ton of unique handmade, hand forged gifts. I'm really digging the Wood Grain Textured pendant and the Blacksmith Textured pendant. 
I'm always looking for the perfect camera bag. a balance of everyday carry items (sunglasses, phone, keys, notebook, laptop and accessories, e-reader, etc) and camera gear. (camera, 1-2 lenses, speedlight) and a few other accessories. This bag is close. Yea I want to carry too much. LOL 

Hope you enjoy the review! 


Review By: Simplified Reviews

 Copper River Rimini Duffle and 15 inch Lincoln Classic briefcase unboxing


Adam Black

This has been a great bag for college and it was very affordable compared to bags of similar quality that I have looked at online or in stores. 


Happy Customer




 Black Glasser


Georga from -

 "Stylish and artisanal, the Copper River bag for iPad is for those who put a premium on rugged good looks and hand-crafted quality."


 Beth Derrick

Lucia Landry



Copper River bag Review by Kim VanHorn (

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Copper River bag Review by andrea pico estrada

So what's in Andrea's Bag? ✈️

custom order leather Sonoma Buckhorn camera bag

Camera: Canon 7D Mark II
Lenses: Canon 100-400!Mark II
17-35 Canon 2.8 L Series
Point and Shoot: Canon G7X - wi fi and RAW great in low light
Computer: Apple MacBook Pro 15" 1 TB
Apple IPad 64 GB
Phone: iPhone 6 with Lifeproof case
External Hardrive: WD My Passport for Mac 3TB
Memory card: Sandisk Extreme Pro 64GB and 128GB
Extras; rain cover for camera, rain cover for bag, Apple World Travel Adapter Kit, extra chargers and batteries (6 for the Canon 7D)



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