Style is more than just what you wear, it is a feeling of confidence that comes from the inside. When we wear fashions that are poorly designed not only does it end up costing us more in the long run, but it also puts a damper on our confidence going through the day. At Copper River Bags we wanted to create our belts the same way we make our bags, with such a high quality and style that it gives customers emanate satisfaction and swagger from the inside, out.

Our leather belts are made with thick eight to nine ounce vegetable tanned latigo leather that is especially curated and selected by our leather artisans here at Copper River Bags. Next the belt is put together in our workshops right here in the United States. The workers handcraft the belts adding the stitches and nickel plated, solid brass hardware. The result is a belt that looks good and is made of the top notch materials out there


Finish off your everyday look with USA-Made leather belts. Be it casual or formal, our leather belts for men are suitable for all types of occasions. It’s just the right accessory to enhance your style.

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