Shoulder Straps



The shoulder strap is essentially one of the most important components of the bag. It ensures that all of the items in the bag stay secure to the shoulder, so it needs to be designed in sturdy manner. The ergonomics can either make a bag feel comfortable or excruciatingly painful, so it is of upmost importance the strap is created with wearability in mind. At Copper River Bags we put careful consideration into how our shoulder straps were designed, because we knew that the failure or success of the strap largely would determine how much the customer could enjoy the bag.


The result of countless hours of work is what you see before in our Leather Should Strap section. All of the straps were designed carefully by our team of workers. When they are created, each is made with hand crafted in our workshops in the United State. Each stitch is applied with the care that can only come from people who care about the results of the product they are making, and we are proud to present these straps to our customers due to the quality product the workers create.


On top of the best workers creating the strap, there are also the best materials used to make it. Each strap is made with 100% full grain leather that is curated with great attention to detail. For extra security, the strap is constructed with two thick layers of the leather that is stitched with Marine Grade UV resistant thread. For extra comfort, one shoulder pad is provided with the strap. The quality, comfort and style of the straps match what you would expect from the rest of Copper River Bags products.


Choose comfort with our high quality leather shoulder straps for your bags.
From classic black to deep burgundy to warm brown, these leather shoulder pads are available in exciting colors. Adjustable and comfortable, it is handcrafted, American made.  



Alternatively, they can be used as backpack straps. Explore our latest assortment of leather shoulder pads and place an order online.

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