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Imagine going to the office every day or your local coffee house, carrying your laptop and other essential items in a bag that has personality and a rugged sophistication. Every Laptop Messenger bag is hand crafted individually for you. Made from full grain leather that will weather beautifully with time showing the perfect imperfections of the leather. The rugged sophistication of the Laptop Messenger bags are everything that you are looking for. We are honored to offer a 100 year warranty for each bag crafted, we stand behind our full grain leather laptop messenger bags and we know that you will be proud to pass your laptop messenger bag on to your family. We take pride in cutting each piece of the bag, sewing the bag together with an ultra-violate poly thread, and making the bag secure with hand set copper and stainless steel rivets. Heads will turn as you enter your work place or walk down the street. Your friends and colleagues will wonder where you bought that beautiful bag. The Rugged Laptop Messenger bag will tell a story of who you are…

Make a lasting impression with our luxury leather laptop bags. Our extensive collection of laptop bags come in eye-catching designs and beautiful colors. Exuding class and sophistication, these bags are suitable for everyday use.

If properly maintained, they can last for years. Make the right choice; buy laptop bags with us.

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