Copper River Bag Co.

In a world where everything is disposable, technology and styles are moving at an accelerated pace, being able to craft something with meaning and a purpose pushes us to continue to design and create. Back when the old-world craftsmen, trappers, miners and makers designed and crafted bags to last a lifetime, to endure all climates, this is what we want to emulate. We build our bags to the standards of those who came before us.


What do we strive for, what is our cause? Our roots to be a part of an American tradition, live the American dream that has been so lost - or seems so far away in times like these. Maybe we are creating our own - a feeling of community, a feeling of belonging. Working together to find something so lost, we found something new that feels old.                    




Nestled quietly in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, each and every product is made right here in Lincoln, California. We are inspired by the mountains, rivers, lakes, and the never ending breeze rustling through the evergreen trees. Encompassing the mining history of our town, and the endurance of the people who live here, Copper River Bags started creating products to service a need. The adventurous spirit of the miners and their families inspire us every day. We designed from the inside out, ensuring that each product would become a part of our daily lives. The designs of each bag are thoughtful, meticulous and never rushed, encompassing the quality and craftsmanship of the old world. Each Copper River creation is a unique work-of-art. Carrying on the old world tradition of attention to detail and fine craftsmanship, our craftsmen make one product, one piece at a time by hand.


Image by starline on Freepik