Camera Gear


In the world of photography you’ll hear the mantra over and over again that ‘Gear doesn’t matter’, because the truth is the skills of the photographer are what makes a photo remarkable. Photographers that invest in the best gear know that even with the most expensive camera, an inexperienced photographer will not be able to pull off what a master can do. Yet sometimes gear does matter.


In this case, it isn’t even camera gear that is actually part of the camera, but it is a tool that helps keep your camera secure, the camera strap. A camera strap is the item ensures that your camera remains held steady throughout every shoot. For photographers who like to go on wild adventures or who happen to be around packs of raging toddlers, preventative precautions are of top priority. You just never know when you could lose a step then end up dropping your gear on the ground with a heart wrenching crash.


Our designers specifically kept photographers in mind when creating Copper River Bags camera strap. We know that a camera needs to be extra secure, so we sued military grade webbing and thick full grain leather to create the slap. For a touch of luxury and comfort we lined the strap with soft pig suede and extra padding. This strap offers a clean and professional look that can be used by professional and amateur alike at any sort of event. Enhance your shooting experience with the Copper River Bags camera strap.