What Not to Do With Your Leather

12th Aug 2016

Using Typical Cleaning Products

When it comes to taking care of things you posses and hold dear, one must be more wary of the things they shouldn’t do rather than what they do. Even when speaking of a material as rough and tough as high quality leather, there are certain mistakes that can take away the beauty and longevity. So, while everyone is talking about how one should take care of their leather messenger bags or stylish designer bags, we will discuss the absolute ‘don’t’s’ of leather care and usage.

So, if you want to keep your leather products looking their best for years and years ahead, here are a few things you should strictly avoid.

Using Typical Cleaning Products

Your household cleaners may work perfectly for other fabrics and even the flooring, but leather is a very different material due to its different texture and color. While it is known for its toughness, regular cleaner will eventually make it lose the vibrancy and strength. Besides, it has a pH level of 4.5 while most cleaners have pH level between 7 or 8. As a result, these cleaners damage and weaken the fiber overtime. Don’t be surprised to see cracks and ugly lines within a few months. Leather cleaning products, on the other hand, are specially designed to remove stains without causing the material to fade or lose its beauty.

Conditioning without Cleaning

Conditioning and polishing your leather is a good habit as it keeps it from drying out. High quality conditioners are designed to keep leather products look their best. They also protect the fibers from the dangerous effect of heat, dust, and other external elements. However, many people completely overlook the first step i.e. cleaning. Applying conditioner without removing the dust and dirt from the surface will lock all those element inside the fibers of the leather. The leather will lose its actual beauty and vibrancy, and will become more difficult to clean.

Scrubbing Too Hard

Sometimes people don’t think of cleaning their leather products until they become extremely dirty. They see a layer of grime settled on the surface and try to scrub it off using a harsh brush or any other scrubber. Now while leather is sturdy and tough, its beauty lies in the textured surface and grains. Scrubbing the leather will take way that beauty and will actually deplete a whole layer causing great damage to the integrity of the fibers. Use the right cleaning product on a frequent basis to avoid this mishap.

A pro leather conditioning and cleaning kit may save you from such disasters. Browse and find one that fits your needs.