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Modern technology is sleek and thin, so why shouldn’t the bags we use to carry these miniature devices be smaller as well? Often laptop bags can be so big and bulky even if the laptop inside of it is relatively modest. We felt your pain from the discrepancy in sizes, so we created the Slim- 11” Laptop Bags for customers who wanted something lightweight to haul their laptop around in. All you do is throw the strap around your shoulder then you are ready to take your laptop where ever life’s journey may be taking you.


Not only is this bag lightweight and convenient, it also is extremely durable. Made with toughest type of leather, full grain, it is built to last for the length of the Copper River Bags guarantee of 100 years. It is sewn together with UV resistant thread that can stand up to the elements. The quality also continues onto the hardware which is made of nickel plated solid brass. Every element of the Slim – 11” Laptop Bags is designed with luxury and longevity in mind.


At Copper River Bags when we offer you specialized products like the Slim – 11” Laptop Bags, it is about more than just making a sale. We want to offer you a product that’ll enhance your style with the attractive leather and secure your mind with the tough materials. Ultimately, when our customers happy we are happy, and that is why we take such great pains to make the best leather products out there. Come join our family by making a purchase of a Slim – 11” Laptop Bag today!


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