Travel Bags

“Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson


Travel is a part of life that allows us to extend our horizons beyond what is part of the expected of the everyday. It sharpens our senses and wits as we navigate the unknown. Despite all the benefits of travel, without the proper planning and supplies, the enjoyment of travel can easily be hindered. Investing in high quality travel gear, like the Copper River Bags travel bags, ultimately is investing in enhancing the overall positive experience of travelling.


Every single one of our travel bags, whether it a duffel bag or diaper bag, has been carefully designed to offer all the features needed for the optimal travelling experience. An example of our designers’ attention to detail can be seen in every bag; for example, our carry-ons have one outside pocket customized to carry a plane ticket and cell phone- two must-haves in any airport. It is the features like this that can make the difference between a smooth trip and that funny, yet slightly tragic, travel disaster story that you tell all your friends.


On top of having some of the best designs for travel bags out there, we also present a quality that is rarely matched by other brands. Each one of our bags in handcrafted by workers in the United States who are passionate about producing quality products for the Copper River Bags company. When you buy a Copper River Bags, you are investing in the idea that craftsmanship, longevity and luxury should always be primary features of any given product.


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