Slim Card Wallets

In a world where there is constant pressure to be on the go, portability and convenience are a must. A hefty and thick wallet is necessary at time, because the world also demands that we haul around a lot of needed items. Sometimes we just need to the basics, and that is when products like slim wallets come in. Slim wallets provide the bare necessities of what wallets offer, so that it can be easily tucked away and stored in pockets with minimal visibility. Quick, easy and reliable slim wallets provide a fantastic option for the modern on-the-go man.


With Copper River Bags quality, the slim card wallet is taken to a whole level of luxury. To create a malleable and silky slim card wallet, we carefully select only the best buffalo hide to create the leather. The result is a soft-to-the-touch wallet that also is exceptionally durable. The more this wallet is weathered, the softer the leather gets over time making this product easy to open and smooth.


When developing the idea for this wallet, our designers took the time create a product that had all the minimalistic features with the best materials available to create the perfect slim fold wallet. This resulted in a product that offers enhanced usability and quality that are needed from a slim card wallet. If you need a grab and go wallet that’ll last, try out the Copper River Bags slim card wallet. You won’t be disappointed.