Key Chains

How many hours have you spent looking for keys? Let’s face it, we’ve all been there. Even after implementing systems of putting keys in bowls, hooks and all sorts of organizational systems, sometimes we forget to put the keys in a memorable spot. Given how hectic life can be between work, family, school and all of life’s little pleasures, it isn’t too big of a surprise that sometimes things get temporarily misplaced. Copper River Bags wanted to offer a simple a stylish solution that could at least sometimes help out with the notorious key problem that has plagued so many of us over the years.


Copper River Bags key chains offer a loop that can be snapped onto pants, bags, briefcases, wallets or anywhere convenient to someone who has a tendency to lose their keys. The high quality leather and snap make this little piece of equipment less embarrassing, and it even appears like fashion statement rather than a key baby sitter!


All of the key chains are created with thick four to five ounce oil tan leather that is durable and attractive. The solid brass hardware with a nickel finish adds a shiny addition that we all can enjoy. As a bonus, these key rings are put together by our workers in the United States, and they are inspected thoroughly for the best of quality. When we sell you at Copper River Bags, we want to ensure that you are satisfied for the long run. Come join our team by getting a key ring that’ll last you for years to come.


Explore an impressive collection of genuine leather key chains with us. Whether you need a key chain for your home or car key, our leather key chains are available in various colors. Pick your favorite and order online now. These key chains are easy to use and maintain.


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