iPhone Cases

We are so lucky to live in a world where so much information can be held in the palm of our hands via smart phone technology. When you invest in a piece of new technology, it is important that you do your part to protect the value of that purchase. Smart phones are pretty tough, but in order to make sure they last long, you really need to offer a little extra padding and protection. With the Copper River Bags iPhone Cases you are creating a safe home for your iPhone, where it is protected with high quality and durable material.


At Copper River Bags we offer a wide variety of styles of iPhone Cases composed of different materials, cuts and features, so that customers can find the perfect product to match their unique needs. Want a case that snaps shut? We got it! Want a case with alligator skin accents? We’ve got it! Want to show your pride in country with a little United States flag decoration hanging out from your iPhone Case? We’ve got that too. It is little touches like this that personalize the iPhone case to match every individual’s needs.


Beyond having stylish punches, we also offer stand out quality in every aspect of our iPhone cases. The leather is made through a painstaking process where we curate the leather for the best quality possible. Once the leather is inspected for exceptional quality, we handcraft the leather into top notch products like the iPhone cases. The resulting product is held up to a standard that represents the legacy of our company and our core values of integrity and strength.