iPad Cases

When one invests in a fine piece of technology such as an iPad, they want to ensure that it remains safe throughout the rumble and tumble of each and every day. Tablets are pretty sturdy pieces of technology, but they wear down gradually being consistently exposed to bumps, spill, scratches and all the other nicks that the world throws its way. This type of bumping around cannot only lead to aesthetic damage, but it can actually break the internal hardware of a tablet. With Copper River Bags’ iPad cases, you provide your tablet with a buffer between the tablet and outside interferences to help extend the lifespan of your iPad.

Our iPad Cases come in multiple styles and shapes, so that you can select a type that matches your needs. The Kingston iPad Cases provide an opening wallet where you can store you iPad along with other things in the pockets on the opposite side of tablet storage area. Our other option is the simple iPad Sleeves which you simply slide the iPad in and out of with ease. Both options are made with to the same standard of quality that is promised by Copper River Bags.

Each iPad Case is crafted with the toughest leather hide that is available, thick full grain leather. The hardware of each piece is comprised of solid nickel and brass. Every case is handcrafted by our workers in the United States. Using the best labor, materials and designs, you get a top quality product that is perfect for storing your iPad.