Gun Bags

Be Prepared



All tools require a special place, especially a weapon. Copper River Bags set out to create a secure, durable and luxurious option for gun owners out there to enjoy. The result is the wide selection of Gun Bags that you see right here. Each bag was carefully designed specifically for the unique needs of gun owners, so that they can enjoy both the luxury and utility of the bag.

First off, all of the features of the bag line up for what a gun owner would need for a visit to the firing range or home protection. The zipper of the bag locks, so that the gun is safe in place when it needs to be. The weapon compartment is hidden in the rear, so that it isn’t obvious to everyone around you that you’re carrying. There is a back pocket that can carry one large magazine. The inside provides a large amount of space to carry what other firearm accessories you may also want to carry with you.

The materials of the bag are made with top of the line full grain leather, solid brass hardware and marine grade thread. This leaves you with a bag that has a guarantee of 100 years from Copper River Bags, but it will more than likely last you longer than that even. This is the type of bag that you can pass down for generation to generation providing your family with protection for a long time to come. Come join the Copper River Bags family by making a purchase of a gun bag today!