For Pets

Who says that pets can’t use a little bit of luxury too? The staff of Copper River Bags have a soft spot for everything fuzzy, so they are thrilled to present their product line for pets. We think that all of the Fidos, Fifis and Fluffies out there deserve accessories that’ll make them feel their best as they trot throughout the neighborhood. As a bonus, these products will satisfy their masters as well!


When going through pet stores to buy goodies for our own critters, we often notice products for pets are made with the cheapest material possible. While this may save customers a little bit money on the up-front purchase, in the long run paying for replacement will cost a lot more. With leather products for pets, the owner can make a one time purchase of an item that they know will actually last. No tearing, breaking, discoloring or any of that nonsense that happens with materials that are not as sturdy as leather. This is important when you have animals that love to get into all sorts of trouble whenever possible!


The other great thing about Copper River Bags pet accessories is that the aesthetic actually looks nice. We’ve never been a fan of the artificial coloring and designs of pet accessories. That is why we put our best foot forward with solid leather colors that are rich and classic. This is all finished off with solid brass hardware finished in nickel for a nice sheen. Whatever lucky pet gets to wear our accessories gets to feel like a super star every time they are wearing their piece from Copper River Bags.


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