Duffel Bags



A high quality water resistant leather and canvas duffel bag can make all the difference when it comes to travel. While transport may be the most yawn-worthy part of many trips, when something goes wrong during this part of travelling it can be disastrous. so it is worth an investment to get a sturdy duffel bag that meets all the unique demands of getting safely and happily from point A to point B. Help insure the enjoyment of your travel by getting a high quality duffel bag that will keep your items secure wherever you may go.


Copper River Bag’s leather and cotton duck canvas duffels are designed specifically with the needs of someone on the go in mind. It is measured out to meet the standards for a carry-on. The main compartment is large and open to fit a maximum amount of items. There is also an outside pocket where you can quickly access paperwork, tickets, ID, etc. Also, the material is water-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about getting a little wet in case it is raining, snowing or whatever the weather may offer.


The features are back up by the high grade materials used to create the bags. Whether it is leather or fabric, we make sure to use tough materials to create the bag. Marine grade thread and solid brass hardware offer solid finishing touches that make the duffel bags last for years. If you love travelling with convenience, security and style, then you’re going to love the duffel bags from Copper River Bags.