The animals that come to be part of the family hold such an important role, who fills our lives with invaluable joy and love. We at Copper River Bags understand what it is like to truly love a bet, and that is why we decided to offer dog collars. Let’s face it, man’s best friend deserves a little bit of luxury too, and we love to give it to them every chance that we get.

Beyond dog treats, belly rubs and unconditional love, what have you given your favorite pooch lately? We think Fido over there is worthy of a treat that’ll show your enduring love for his/her furry self. Dog Collars from Copper River Bags are a perfect gift to impart upon a well-deserving pup. He’ll be wagging his tail with the soft and durable quality of the new collar.

Each of our dog collars is handcrafted by our workers in the United States. The leather that the collars are comprised of is carefully curated, inspected and selected by us. This type of leather is made of the outermost layer of cow hide, also known as full grain leather, which is known for being the toughest part of the leather that also feels soft as butter as it wears over time. To add a finishing touch to the quality, you can add your pup’s initials with personalized branded initials. We look forward to creating our dog collars for customers, so come on and join the Copper River Bags family.

Treat your pet to the ultimate luxury. We provide a large stock of products for your furry best friend. From travel dog food bowl to leather dog collar, you can find a variety of high quality products. Our team handcrafts each item with attention and care to ensure convenience, comfort and quality.


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