Camera Straps

When the weight of an important hobby, profession or passion relies on the support of a strap around your neck, you want that strap to provide stability, security and comfort. At Copper River Bags we get the importance of a camera strap to photographers, so we spent the time to design a strap that would be reliable enough for a valuable piece of equipment to hang around. We know that the equipment doesn’t make the photographer, but we also know that doesn’t mean you still don’t need that investment to be thoroughly covered when you are carrying it around.

Each one of our camera straps is made with the toughest of the leather of a cow hide, full grain leather. For comfort, we lined the strap with soft pig sued, to provide a comfortable fit that would not be a distraction during a shoot. In addition, keeping photographers in mind, we made the strap adjustable and padded, so it provides the ideal amount of coziness and customization that one would want from a camera strap.

To top it off every single strap is handcrafted by our dedicated workers in a workshop in the United States. Our team at Copper River Bags is set out more than make a product, but they want to leave a legacy of a reputation for quality and care. When you invest in one of our camera straps, you get a product built to last. More than likely you’ll replace the camera countless times before you’ll even ever have to think about replacing the strap.

Invest in the best quality leather camera strap with us. Our unique collection of leather camera straps is both, stylish and practical.

It’s an essential item for carrying your camera, ensuring safety. Fully adjustable and padded, our leather camera straps are comfortable to wear. It’s a timeless investment that you should not miss out on. Make an order online now.