Bi Fold wallets


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A wallet holds valuable items that comprise the identity you’ve worked so hard to create through hard work and persistence. Your I.D., credit cards, membership cards, cash and all the items we need access to in order to function in everyday life. When you reach down to get your wallet, it is where you symbolically are making an exchange with the world. So when pull out your wallet, is it something you’re proud to present?


Life is full a small luxuries that we perhaps don’t even know we’re missing until we experience the benefits of a product that takes quality to an exceptional level. At Copper River Bags, our Bi Fold Wallets are one of those items that customers can’t believe they lived without before making their purchase. As soon as you reach down for rugged, yet silky, 100% full grain leather, you’ll feel the difference. When you open up to find the durable construction of the wallet, you’ll realize the security that comes from knowing all of your valuables are firmly intact in a Copper River Bags Bi Fold Wallet.


Each and every stitch our bi fold wallets is hand sewed into the bag by workers in the United States. The threads themselves are made from the highest of quality materials. It is this type of small attention to detail that makes Copper River bags quality stands out from the rest. If you want a wallet that represents your pride in everything that you do, then you’ve found a match with Copper River Bags.